This is an amazing opportunity to work in a friendly environment. You will join a well known shipyard, building and repairing ships.


Job description:

  • Manufacturing, assembling and montage of pipelines
  • Technical knowledge in the field of pipe fitting / welding to be able to perform complicated work.
  • Experience in ship repair / shipbuilding / offshore is an advantage;
  • A flexible attitude with regard to work and working hours;
  • Knowledge of material and tools;
  • Willingness, social and initiative
  • Fitting in the shop


  • Studying the isometric drawings and collecting additional data;
  • Reading schedules and translating to the practical situation;
  • Determine the best set-up to make a pipe section
  • Choosing the most efficient method and the materials, tools and aids to be used with it


  • Measuring pipelines and making the necessary drawings from them;
  • Cutting, grinding or cutting pipelines to length;
  • Making results according to self-measured pipes on board;
  • The bending of pipes according to the drawing;
  • Making lenses (plasma fires);
  • Bonding of various components and materials;
  • Assemble and prepare pipes, welding bends, flanges and the like for the welder;
  • Determine the welding sequence in collaboration with the welder;
  • Performing welding work on pipe parts according to different methods and welding procedures;
  • Assembling the couplings yourself;
  • Installing supplied or self-made pipe parts on board;
  • Pressing the welded pipe parts according to regulations.


  • Checks the work and repairs or corrects defects if necessary;
  • Checks and tests the installed systems and pipelines (for example with pressure gauges, hydrostatic test equipment, observation or other methods);
  • Registering the batch and sequence numbers of the certified material


  • 40 hours / week (guaranteed)
  • Shifts and working days depend on the client’s need, and also on the other workers’ availability


Pay Rate:

  • €14/ h (after tax)
  • €560 / week (after tax)

*Recommendation Bonus: if you recommend other worker and the one that was recommended starts work, you can receive up to €200



  • Free accommodation and no bills to be paid
  • Single rooms – 1 person/room
  • Fully equipped + internet free of charge
  • No deposit for accommodation, only guarantee document for keeping the property in good condition
  • Type: normal houses, in a row, or apartments in flat buildings
  • If beddings, pillows and covers are needed – employer can provide them



  • Workers can use their own car and be paid 95 cents/km or they can be given a car to use for transport, for free. No deposit apply
  • Local buses – not advisable – no good connections between cities
  • The transport from country of origin to arrival address is not paid by agency/employer. The candidate needs to pay for his own transport


Work clothes and protective equipment:

  • Safety and protective equipment is provided by employer/client
  • Free health insurance


*This vacancy is advertised on behalf of Global Personnel Romania and Global Personnel Poland

Global personnel group is committed to the selection, recruitment, and development of the best people, basing judgments solely on suitability for the job. By applying for the above position and providing your personal data to us you understand that your data will be processed in line with our Privacy Policy. Whilst we endeavour to respond to all applications individually, due to high volumes, this is not always possible. Thank you for your interest in this role and we look forward to working with you in the future.